They call him „master of melodies“ and his concerts are a pleasure for the soul. Following his own vocation he enables the audience to dive into another world and experience music at another level. After his classical guitar studies at the Anton Bruckner University, Linz/Austria, where he was taught by the internationally recognised Michael Langer, the 27 year old guitarist is consistently moving from one concert to another throughout Europe. In the year 2015 alone he played over 100 shows in 7 countries. Amongst other distinctions he has won the „Acoustic Grand Slam“ in Freiburg/Germany. He is frequently invited to perform at international guitar festivals with famous artists like Adam Rafferty, Pierre Bensusan or Don Ross. Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to a virtuoso player combining a variety of rhytmic expressions simultaneously? Have you ever heard one guitar producing a melodic song accompanied with bass slapping, percussion and fingerpicking? 
As a one-man-band Simon Wahl masterly merges rhythms with beautiful melodies to develop his own style, a crossover of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Flamenco. He is continuously creating new sounds and soundeffects which make it hard to believe that a single acoustic guitar can produce all of these features. What remains for the audience to do is to listen and enjoy.

What they say:

„Sounds SO good. What a great guitar player!”

Tommy Emmanuel CGP

„You sounded great in Hamburg!!!“

Adam Rafferty

„Simon is the best guitarrist I heard for a long time! He has this world class quality and you should keep an eye on him for the future!“

Stephen Sedgwick

„Wonderful compositions, you let the guitar sing!“

Ulli Bögershausen